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Cebu,Mactan, package tour of 1 to 4 dives combining diving points of Cebu Island.

Cebu,Mactan,Scuba diving package tour on Cebu is less expensive tour and The most popular points for divers are Hilutungan and Nalusuan Island also Mactan Island coast 1 - 4 dives by drift diving .

  Fun Diving Packages, Mactan,Cebu,
Mactan Area Diving Package
  Diving Point
  Diving site Mactan area
Diving in Sumilon island

1) Hilutungan Island,(Class B+) good for fish feeding, Gropper, Bracuda 10~20m(Bottom35m)
2) Nalusuan Island,(class A) School of Jack Fish,Gropper,Stingray,Moorish Idol, Soft & Hard Coral. 25~40m(Bottom)
3) Olango Island,Talima.(class C+) Soft Coral, Shipwreck, Hole, Jack Fish, Trumpet,Sweet Lips, good for fun Dive. 20~20m(Bottom50m)
4) Olango Island, Tingo.(class ?) Thresher, Tuna by chance 30~45m(Bottom 60m) .requir Advance or Higher
5) Mactan, Tambuli (class C) Airplanewreck, Coral, 12~25m(Bottom 50m)
6) Mactan, Hadsan to Kontiki, (class C) Wall diving, Coral,Flog Fish,Fantastic place for Fun diver 15~25m(Bottom 50m)
7)Mactan,Plantation Bay,(class C) Coral 18m, Cave 30m~35m,curent irregular(Bottom 50m) require Advance or higher
8) Oslob Whale Shark Diving with Smilon Island

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fun dive at Hilutungan Island

7 Hil 1div) Hilutungan 1 dive
7a Hil 2div Hilutungan 2 dive
7bE Hil 2div BBQ Hilutungan 2 dive with BBQ lunch
7c Tal 1div Talima (Olango Island) 1 dive
7c1 Tal 2div Talima (Olango Island) 2 dive
7dE Hil+Nal 2div BBQ Hilutungan + Nalusuan 2 dive with BBQ
7eE Hil+Tal 2div BBQ Hilutungan + Talima 2 dive with BBQ
7f Nal 1div Nalusuan 1 dive
7gE Nal 2div BBQ Nalusuan 2 dive with BBQ Lunch
8aE Tal+Had 2div BBQ Talima + Hadson 2 dive with BBQ Lunch
8b Tal+Had 2div Talima + Hadson 2 dive
8cE Hil+Tal+Tam+Had 4div BBQ Hilutungan + Talima + Tamburi
+ Hadson 4 dive with BBQ
S.SafE Hil+Nal+Tal 3div BBQ  Hilutungan + Nalusuan + Talima
3 dive with BBQ Lunch
(8dE San+Mar+Had 3dive BBQ) Santa Rosa by the Sea + Maribago
Hadson 3 dive with Lunch
8eE Sha+Tam+Blu 3dive BBQ) Shangri La + Tambuli + Bluewater
3 dive with BBQ
(8fE Hil+Tal+Had 3dive BBQ) Hilutungan + Talima + Hadson 3 dive
with BBQ Lunch
9cE Cabilao 2div Cabilao 2 dive with BBQ Lunch
(WSD 1div) Oslob, Whale Shark 1 dive
(WSD+Sum 2div BBQ) Oslob,Whale Shark + Sumilon 2 dive BBQ

whale shark diving

( DDM Shore 1div) Mactan Shore Diving (Maribago)
Scuba Diving Packages
*One (1) Shore Dive, Weights, Guide, Scuba Tank:Free Diving Equipment -
Rate: PhP1,850
Inclusions: 2 person or more free pickup (Mactan Resort Area) , 1 Drink-Towel-Tax..
Boat Dives,(Near by Maribago,between Tambli-Hadsan) 1 Dive -
Group of 2 persons=PhP2,600/ person, 3 persons=PhP2,470/person, 4~5 persons=P2,340/person, 6 persons or more please Inquiry,
Inclusions: Pickup Service (Mactan Resort Hotel Only)-1 Drink-Towel Diving Equipment

Night Shore Dive (Maribago to Hadsan),1Dive
Group of 2 persons=PhP3,000/ person, 3 persons=PhP2,850/person, 4~5 persons=P2,700/person, 6 persons or more please Inquiry,
Inclusions: Pickup Service (Mactan Resort Hotel Only)-1 Drink-Towel, Diving Equipment - Flash Light*  Additional 1 Dive with Instructor P1,000.00 

  Trimaran Yacht "Miyuki/Emily"
Diving,Snorkeling,Island Hopping,Sunset Cruising
or Trolling & Bottom Fishing Specifications
  Welcome to Cebu! We are offering you the best Marine Activities  and Tours, Distance to our shop to Hotel were showing bellows. Please find  best matching Package Tour for you form this short cut guide. we are offer you to free pickup from Cebu City Hotel and Mactan Hotel.
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