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Dive Site- Moalboal
Dive spot
 Feature & Nature
Copton B 10~18m 30 to 90° ~3 Nice coral, Airplane, Cardinal fish, Damsel fish, yellow ribbon
White Beach B 12~18m
50 to 90°
~3 Big Brown Daisy, Sponge, Coral, Snapper, Turtle
Tuble Reef C 12~18m
~2 25m sand bottom, 27m cave, Big Parrotfish, Turtle
Kasai B 7~15m
45 to 90°
~2 Turtle, Whale shark on May, Nudibranchs, Razorfish
Tongo B 10~18m
~2 Turtle, Juvenile, Barracuda, Fusiliers, Mandarin fish
Pescador A 7~20m
~3 North-east 7m coral platform, good for night dive, Cathedral
The depth,  shows the depth of the water that was suitable for observation? Degree 30-70 that fall into 70 degrees from a slope of 30 degrees
The bottom of the sea along a wall is 50m-60m in Philippines. Current 4 or 5 identify,  recommend that they choose time by tide table.      Cebu Tide Table
Moalboal Island
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