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I will introduce the special planning diving of KI Marine, island hopping, snorkeling, experiential diving, Oslove whale shark, etc., especially recommended tours. We will inform you in detail about the price and the contents of the tour as well. We will inform you by screening tours of Cebu, which you can recommend most confidently.

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*   Diving  *  Snorkelplus  *  Fishing
*Diving & Jetski *  Parasail & Diving *  City Tour(Bohol, Cebu City, Olango Is.)
  Packages: Scuba Diving  
  Packages: Whale Shark Watching Tour  
Whale sharkWhale Shark Whale SharkKawasan Fall
  Packages: Discovery Diving  
  Hilutungan Discovery Diveヒルトゥガン島体験ダイビングナルスアン島体験ダイビングナルスアン島体験ダイビング  
  SnorkelplusSnorkelplusHilutungan PumpboatHilutungan  
  Package :City Tour Package  
  fort san pedroTaoist TemplefgffSt.Neno Charch  
  Packages : Fishing  
  Fishing Boatcaught fishBabeque on Boat  
  Para SailjetskiDivingSnorkelplus  
Please be reminded that our package rates is incomparable to others who are offering lower costs as our services renders the following;
1) We operate our own yacht and pump boats which are fully licensed by charter and we don't incorporate our guests toother boats as what others do.
2) To consider also the oil price hike which goes up to three to four times doubled to an engine of a boat with?40Hp to280Hp
3) Our boat service on board includes food and drinks, towel, life vests, snorkel set among others. Other services is also available upon?request. Other than us who offer low cost, sells all things mentioned to guests on board
4) We also cater food and drinks and other services on board depends on our guests budget much as we wanted ourguests satisfaction and comfort, we would be glad to be of service and offer an affordable rate to our site visitors.
5) Company Policy on Insurance Coverage: Quality Service is our business, but Marine Sports activities, are not covered by Philippine Insurance Co.,therefore we recommend you to get insurance coverage in your country,
if you can't, we can assist you here thru online travel insurance services at your cost. Hope you understand the Phil. laws & it will be greatly appreciated. Enjoy the blue waters in Cebu. For more information, please inquire.
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